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Five Skills to Master to Succeed in the Changing Job Landscape

The World Economic Forum has released its annual Future of Jobs Report for 2023. While the report focuses on the jobs expected to grow and fade over the next 5 years, we found the list of the five most valued skills to be most compelling since these are the tools that will enable workers to adapt to the ever-changing jobs landscape.

Knowledge Workers Seeking More Freelance Work After Layoffs

With large-scale tech layoffs dominating headlines, knowledge workers have been feeling less and less secure with full-time employment. After feeling the sting of the ‘Great Betrayal’, highly-skilled workers from a variety of sectors are looking towards freelance work for greater flexibility in their schedules, financial incentives, and the ability to take on meaningful work.

How to Practice “Career Cushioning”

It’s a stressful time for workers with looming layoffs and a lot of concern about a potential recession. If you are stressed about the potential for layoffs in your industry, you should practice “career cushioning” which works like insurance to help you keep your options open.

How to Stand Out from the Job Applicant Crowd

How can you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs? This article has a lot of great advice that mirrors what we tell job candidates we work with. Use practice questions, clarify your narrative around your journey, show self-awareness with your skills, and more.

Workplaces are Returning to the Status Quo for Women

Working mothers are finding themselves stuck in a difficult situation once again, with many workplaces cutting their budgets for maternity leave and reversing flexible work schedules amid economic concerns. The pandemic saw thousands of women drop out of the workforce due to the inflexible, unsupportive nature of their traditional workplaces and the rising costs of childcare.

What Employees Want More Than a Four-Day Workweek

Conversations about the four-day workweek have been steadily gaining traction. Adam Grant recently made his case for its’ productivity but polls have found there is something employees value even mor – flexibility in their schedules aka the ability to choose which hours they work.

Job Hiring Fraud On The Rise

With the rise in applying for jobs online, job hiring fraud has become frustratingly common. Some common red flags of hiring scams include asking for payment or personal information and a rushed, very informal hiring process. Trust your instincts and do your research during your job search.

Freelancers are Becoming More Highly Skilled

Freelance work has been picking up steam lately. In 2021, Americans opened a record number of new businesses and freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr saw big leaps in engagement. Furthermore, the freelance workforce is becoming more highly skilled, with 26% of freelancers having postgraduate degrees.

Is Remote Work the New Baseline Standard?

In a rapidly-evolving pandemic, many employees’ work environments changed overnight to digitally connected remote work. Many of these workers would like to see these conditions stay and increasingly value flexibility in their schedules. Inc. argues that this is the new baseline standard for work and leaders need to catch up.