New Studies Find Pretending to be Extroverted at Work Doesn’t Help Introverts Succeed

Many aspects of the modern workforce benefit extraversion over introversion – networking, the hiring process and promotion criteria to name a few. However, a recent study has shown that feigning extraversion if you are introverted may actually hinder your career development.

How to Make the Most of Pay Transparency When Job Hunting

Salary transparency laws have been gaining momentum, signaling a larger trend of workers seeking pay information and equity. With inflation sticking around, pay has become even more of a hot-button issue for job seekers. Here’s how to make the most of pay transparency when job hunting.

The Rise Of Boomerang Employees During 2022

What is a “boomerang” employee? It’s a person who quit their job in the midst of The Great Resignation and is now looking to return to their prior company. These situations might be on the rise.

Why ‘quiet quitting’ is nothing new

Is ‘Quiet quitting’ really a new phenomenon? Whether you see it as disengagement, setting appropriate boundaries, or slowly withdrawing, the ideas behind quiet quitting have been studied for decades.

Seven ways to recruit and retain Gen Z employees

Gen Z workers are in high demand as digital natives who are adaptable and driven. How can your team attract #GenZTalent? Focusing on company culture, updated technology and marketing strategies is a good start.

How to Work From Home: 24 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully

Post-pandemic, many people have opted for remote jobs where they can work from the comfort of their home. This unique work style comes with its own benefits and hazards. Here are some tips for successfully managing a remote-work lifestyle:

Employee Recognition: How Can It Help Counteract The Effects Of A Crisis?

For team members who’ve stayed with an organization through the Great Resignation, employee recognition can help to offset some of its effects. If your employees are feeling overworked or under appreciated, letting them know that you appreciate and value their hard work can boost retention rates.

8 Steps for Re-Entering the Workforce After a Long Absence

Are you thinking about reentering the workforce after a long absence? Don’t fret! Being prepared to explain your absence in a helpful and engaging way will help you show your transferable skills and land a great role. Check out this article for some advice.